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Officers from the Pharmacy and Poisonous Board, Dr. Valentine Mokaya and Dr. Paddy Agoro at Murugu herbal clinic during the inspection of Dr. Murugu herbal clinic in Nairobi.

A pharmaceutical inspector from the Pharmacy and Poisonous Board seizing substandard medics from Dr. Murugu herbal clinic in Nairobi during the inspection.

Pharmaceutical inspector Dr. Elijah Mburu from the Pharmacy and Poisonous Board showing how the drugs at Dr. Murugu herbal clinic in Nairobi were being mixed.

A pharmaceutical inspector from the Pharmacy and Poisonous Board seizing the substandard seized medics from Dr. Murugu herbal clinic in Nairobi during the inspection.

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) yesterday seized herbal medicines and personnel working at three herbal clinics in Nairobi over substandard medicines.


The board that did inspection at Murugu Herbal Clinic and two other clinics within Nairobi, was checking for the quality of the herbal medicines produced, confirming the licensing of the clinic and how the medicines are produced from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the end.


Speaking during the inspection at Murugu Herbal Clinic, Valentine Mokaya, one of the pharmaceutical inspectors from PPB said that the board took action after the clinic refuted the order by the board for them to take the medicines for testing at the PPB lab.


 “We did our investigations and asked them to bring the medicines to the PPB lab for checkup in order to ensure the products are safe so that we can license them but they refused,” she said.


Mokaya further said that the board was prompted to carry out the  investigations on  the particular herbal clinics that  have been claiming to  heal all diseases that even highly qualified hospitals with high technology could not cure.


“We did investigations and realized that they were selling substandard medicines and promising cure for sicknesses that cannot even be cured by highly qualified professionals,” Mokaya said.


Mokaya also noted that the clinic was mishandling chemicals used to make the herbal medicines which are a danger to the human health.


“This clinic also handles the chemicals for making medicine in a very unhygienic manner with no proper clinical trials on the products and no preservatives added to the products which is very detrimental to the human body,” Mokaya noted.


Dr. Paddy Agoro, another  pharmaceutical inspector said that after doing the inspection at Murugu Herbal Clinic, they found out that the clinic had improper packaging processes, improper manufacturing processes and unqualified clinical personnel which is a threat to the human health and illegal.


“The bottles  being used to store the products are substandard, the stickers on the medicine bottles have no manufacturing details, ingredients, and batch numbers and have no names of the medicines which are a necessity of every medicine manufactured to ensure patients know more about the products,” he said.


Agoro also said that the medicines had no leaflets to show the side effects of the drugs and the directions for use to guide the patients using them on the dosage adding  that the medicines also lacked storage directions and conditions.


During the crackdown, the board urged Kenyans to be careful when visiting herbal clinics and asked them to follow the right medical tests and procedures at certified hospitals for treatment instead of turning to unsafe herbal treatments that may affect their health.


Other clinics that the board inspected were Kamirithu herbal clinic and a Chinese herbal clinic whose matter now is being addressed by the legal authorities for action.


“We have followed the legal way and we ask the court to do enough justice. We expect the clinic owners to be given maximum penalties of around Ksh5 million fine which will curb the repetition of manufacturing such substandard medicines which are very unsafe for human use,” Mokaya pleaded.


During the crackdown Murugu personnel  from  three clinics were taken to police stations awaiting to be taken to court today,


 Wangari Ndirangu


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