International Society of Pharmacovigilance

ISoP Mid-year Symposium and Training Course 2019
6-7-8 May 2019 - Nairobi, Kenya
Pharmacovigilance in Africa beyond spontaneous reports
Despite efforts for improving the spontaneous reporting of adverse events in Africa, the reporting behaviour remains sub-optimal to the extent of urging to develop new approaches for collecting safety data e.g. by involving consumers and patients directly. On the other hand, risk minimisation methods that suit African health care systems need to be developed and implemented.
In such a context, and moreover in the perspective of the upcoming constitution of the African Medicinal Agency, this mid-year Symposium & Training Course is aimed to be a milestone for sharing ideas on how to improve the different components of safety regulatory systems and practices.
This course is aimed to engage all interested pharmacovigilance professionals in a regulatory, industry, hospital, university or community setting.
The faculty for this course consist of international and national experts in pharmacovigilance, representing government, academia, and industry.
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